1951 Started going to shows with my father

1960 Commenced handling

1961 Won my first CC

1964 Made up my first Champion, Ch. Travella Superstar

1968 Judged my first open show, prior to this judged sanction and limit shows.

1971 Awarded my first CC at Leicester Championship Show.

1980 Concentrated more on judging and handling on the Continent

1880's: An image of a true Wire Fox Terrier


1930's: An old photo of Terrier enthusiasts at Bath Dog Show

1940's: A two page extract about Wire Fox Terrier dominant Sires and Dams

1950's: In my late teens when I started showing

1950's: My father winning Best of Breed

1950's: My father winning CC against the late great Albert Langley

1960's: The early years showing a Travella bitch

1987 Aquired my first Smooth Fox Terrier, Ch. Smooth Touch at Travella (Jimmy).

1988 Jimmy was Top Smooth

1989 Jimmy was Top Smooth

1989 Became President of the WFTA

1990 Jimmy World Champion.

1992 The start of a successful time for Travella

1995 Judged Wire Fox Terrier's at Crufts.

1998 Judged Wire Fox Terriers at Montgomery, USA.

1960's: Standing a dog up in the yard

1960's: Best in Show at Bath Open show under the late Frank Bloom

1970's: Showing before the dickie bow years

1980's: World Champion, Ch. Smooth Touch at Travella (Jimmy)

1990's: Meeting Prince Michael of Kent at Crufts

1990's: Me, Harry O’ Donoghue and Maurice Marshall

1990's: In France laughing about something

1990's: Years of preparing and showing for Contessa de la Rochefoucauld

1999 Became Chairman of the Committee of the WFTA.

1999 Judged Welsh Terrier's at Crufts.

2000 Strategic Choice BIS WFTA

2002 Breeder of the year

2003 Breeder of the year

2004 Breeder of the year

2006 Breeder of the year

2006 Show Stopper BIS WFTA

2007 Show Stopper RBIS Crufts

2008 Judge The Terrier Group at Crufts

1990's: A jovial evening at the Wire Fox Terrier Association

1990's: Sue with Joan Morris preparing the refreshments at Crufts

1990's: Vincent Mitchell, Sara Robertson, Gerrard Morris and myself at WFTA

1990's: With Richard Allen at a Wire Fox Terrier Association dinner

2000's: Evening out with my late great friend Gerry Allen, Richard Allen’s father

2000's: Sharing a drink at Pet Plan Stakes with the late John James and his wife

2000's: Reserve Best in Show at Crufts

2010's: GB Ch Travella Striking Steel: a modern classic

2009 Ch. Travella Special Intent - CC / WFTA gaining her title on the day.

2009 Ch Travella Special Feature.- Best of Breed / Crufts

2010 Ch. Travella Sharp Action - Best of Breed / Crufts

2010 Ch. Travella Starlord - 2 Best in Show / Fox Terrier Club / Fox Terrier Club of Scotland and 6th Top Dog All Breeds

2011 Newest Champion, Travella Shiva Diva / Manchester